Garden bags are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to dispose of all your garden waste.  We provide a metal frame and large bag and install it in a convenient space in your yard.  Collections are made on a schedule which suits your needs - 2, 4, 6 or 8 weekly although these can be altered to suit your changing needs by deferring or bringing them forward as required.  Many customers are on a 2 or 4 week schedule during the summer, and 8 weeks over the winter months.  Collections may be altered by email or phone up until the evening before they are due or required.
In addition to our ongoing service, we can also meet your casual waste collection needs.
We service each suburb on a weekly basis which allows for full flexibility and convenience for our customers.
All garden waste is delivered to the council tip where it is mulched and recycled.
Should you be planning a larger than normal clean-up, we can deliver additional bags at any time or we would be happy to provide a quote to remove bulk garden waste on a hands-on basis.
Although we provide predominantly green waste removal services, we are also be very happy to discuss your general waste removal needs as well.

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